What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

The first impression is easy to make, whether it’s positive or negative, and it’s also hard to break, so that means you have to try your best to make that first encounter with someone you consider important counts. One crucial part of that first encounter in order to make a good impression for entrepreneurs is a good business card. Business cards can say a lot of things about you and the brand you represent. A good business card can set you apart from your competitors and make a prospect client remembers you in a good way.


So just how important is your business card in building your personal and brand’s image? To answer the question, first we need to what does your business card actually say about you.


  1. It says a lot about your personal brand


It’s an extension of your personal brand. A business card is a complement to your wardrobe, style, body language, pitch, as well as other personal tools you use to communicate your business with other people. In the first encounter with someone, a business card is pretty much the only lasting physical mark that you can leave behind. So it’s really important for you to create business cards with memorable elements like custom design metal business cards that are unique with your own customization. Your business card should be communicative and designed toward the types of clients you’re targeting.


  1. It connects with you personally


A good business card should be able to connect with you personally, because it’s a part of your branding. Include something that could be a memory trigger and help people to remember you. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs choose to have their photos imprinted on their business cards. But a memory trigger doesn’t always have to be a photo, it could be anything, including logo, catchy tagline, certain color or material. Metal business cards could be great if you want to create a powerful memory trigger, it’s unique and it doesn’t take much effort for you to set yourself apart from the rest with a simple design.

  1. It tells people how unique you are


When you’re unique people will remember you easily, but remember to always try to be unique in a good way. When you have nicely designed gold business card from for example, these cards will definitely set you apart from the rest. In fact, you don’t even have to initiate the conversation, because likely the person will make a comment as soon as receiving your business card and you can continue the conversation from there.


  1. It signifies what kind of quality level you have to offer


Business cards will symbolize your level of professionalism, quality and attention to detail. So it does pay off to invest in the world’s ultimate business cards like metal business cards that will display excellence in quality and could be a great way to show people that you’re a true professional who’s really serious about your business.



December 20, 2015
  1. Neil Walker said on October 19, 2017 3:51 PM:

    There’s nothing worse than being handed a business card by somebody who designed and printed it themselve, unless of course they’re a professional graphic designer with their own industrial printing equipment. A cheap business card sends the same message as a new business opening but deciding that external signage just isn’t worth it – after all if you build it they will come.

    Your range of metal cards look amazing btw – really like the cutaway effect on the one featured in the post.