How To Choose The Best Name For Your Company

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Choosing the best name for a company is one of the most important part of building the company itself, because believe it or not, name is crucial for a business. That’s why a lot of companies changed their names, not because they just felt like it, but because they actually thought that these new names could help their businesses. Amazingly, many of these companies started to achieve huge success after they changed their company names.


Can you imagine sitting in front of your television watching football on Saturday night while drinking something called “Brad’s Drink”? Of course not, hardly anyone ever heard about this brand. But how about Pepsi? does that name ring a bell? Brad’s Drink and Pepsi are actually the same thing, the company decided to change the name to Pepsi-Cola and today it has become one of the most recognized brands in the world. Another example is the Blue Ribbon Sports that changed its name to Nike and BackRub that changed its ridiculous name to Google!


So if you’re in the process of building a new company or you think that your current company name is not so good, then it’s time to think hard and choose the best name that can help your company becomes more popular. If you really don’t have a clue, you can start by following these simple guidelines:


Easy to remember


A good company name should be memorable, so it has to be unique. Furthermore, it should be easy to find if your customers are looking in a directory, phonebook or anywhere on the Internet, that means simple spelling is also important. So choosing a name like “Crackaliddledoo” won’t be a good idea. It’s unique, but not everyone can remember it easily, plus the spelling is a hard work.


Has a visual element


Back to “Crackaliddledoo”, what kind of image appears in your head when you hear or read that word? Probably nothing. Humans are designed to visualize or imagine whatever read or hear, so incorporating a certain visual element to your business name could be a very powerful move.


Must have a positive connotation


Connotation is the emotional meaning of a word that could be positive, neutral or negative. For example the words “mom” and “mother”. Both words have the same literal meaning, but “mom” has a very positive connotation compared to “mother” that has a neutral connotation. Make sure the name you choose for your company has a strong relation to your company, while at the same time also has a very positive connotation with a strong visual element.




Your company name should include information about your business. This is very important especially for a new company that no one has heard before. You can’t just choose a name like “Nike”, because no one knows what kind of business you’re running. That’s probably why Nike chose the name “Blue Ribbon Sports” in its early days to let people know what the company is about just by reading the company name.


Keep it short


One thing we can learn from Pepsi, Nike and Google is that they all have a short name. A short name provides lots of benefits, it’s easy to remember, looks good when displayed on an ad, it makes a great domain name, also fits well on a business card.


Speaking of business cards, that would be the next thing you should think about after you choose a name. Make sure you create business cards that can represent your company in a great way. could really help you make an unforgettable first impression with high quality custom design metal business cards. A great name with the world’s ultimate business cards would be an awesome combination for you to start growing your business.




July 3, 2016
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