Once you approve the proofs of our artwork, the production process of your metal business cards begins. The manufacturing, quality assurance inspection and packaging of your metal business cards take approximately two to three weeks. After packaging your metal business cards, we engage our courier service provider, and generally – you can expect the package to reach your doors within six to twenty one business days from the date of shipping. We use appropriate shipping services to deliver to most countries on all continents. Please see delivery-time guidance below.
Delivery Time:
US & Canada 6 – 21 days
UK & Europe 6 – 21 days
Australia 6.- 21 days
International 10 – 30 days
Yes, we can use your design concepts and artwork. Once you place your order, you can email or upload your artwork or design concepts. We will confirm the receipt of your artwork and contact you to discuss required changes, if necessary. Don’t forget to mention your order number while sending your artwork or design concepts. Please download and follow the Metal Business Cards Artwork Guidelines here PDF Download
Of course, you can fully customize your metal business cards as per your requirements. You can enjoy a complete freedom and flexibility in terms of shape and size of your custom metal business cards. However, the changes in shape, size and design concepts will affect the price of your metal business cards. Please provide the details of your imagination to get a quote for custom metal business cards.


Yes! You can order your metal business cards with variable data – names and numbers on each card. Please add $0.50 per card for variable data.

Normally, the price of our metal business cards is quoted for one spot color per one side. If you want custom metal business cards with multiple colors, you may be required to pay an additional fee of $0.25 per color. However, the availability of additional colors depends on the type of metal cards. It’s not possible to print all metal card types in multiple colors. The instructions and descriptions of specific card types are available along with the add-on options of respective card types and its color options.

What does Color Options mean on product pages?

Adding color to your metal business cards is optional. For example, if your logo contains 2 colors, then you would add ‘2 color metal business cards’ to your order.

What does Background Color Options mean on product pages?

This is optional. If you want to add a color to your metal business card’s background, then you would need to add 1 or more color to your order. Please note that a color background for metal business cards is to cover a small percentage of the card – usually 5% to 25% of the total surface of the card, not the whole background.

Yes, we can deliver metal business cards with both side etchings. We use cutting-edge technologies that allow us to use double-pass etching so that designs overlap on both sides. Adding any color to your metal business cards is optional and there is a charge for color priting and color background. Please see Optional section under each product.


Yes, we have a dedicated in-house design team of highly professional designers. We can relieve you from the hassle of designing graphics of your metal business card for an additional fee of $55. This includes up to five modifications and proof in .pdf or .jpg format.
We follow a very systematic approach to the production line, and extensive quality protocols are used to ensure the quality and constancy of each metal business card. We also ensure that your custom metal business cards truly reflect the brand image and signature of your business. Therefore, the design of your metal business cards is a challenging task. All these processes take about two to three weeks, but once your metal business cards are ready; we can make things a bit faster by making delivery through expedited shipping. Currently, we are offering FREE shipping to majority of the countries including US, Canada, Mexico, Dubai and other continental countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. If you need your metal business cards within a specified deadline, please contact us to discuss extra fast delivery options, and we shall do our best to deliver your metal business cards within the deadline, but there is no guarantee that your metal business cards will be delivered within your deadline.
We are committed to provide premium quality metal business cards at a very affordable price tag. We maintain a dedicated quality assurance team to ensure that each metal card adheres to our quality standards and design consistency. Affordable metal business cards, premium quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction make us stand out from the rest of metal card providers. Read more…

Please also check our >> metal products processing page, it may answer some of your questions.