How to Make a Great First Impression?

How to Make a Great 1st Impression?


A great first impression can give you a lot of great things in life. When you make a good first impression during a job interview by showing up on time, wearing the right clothing, showing good attitude, and giving the right answers to all questions, you will likely get the job you want. In another case, if you can make a great first impression to a girl you like by saying the right words, showing the right body language and maybe giving some nice jokes, then you will probably get a hot date. In business, a great first impression is also very important as a way to introduce your products or services and grow your brand.


But needless to say, it’s a lot easier said than done. Because just like when you’re going to a job interview, there are a lot of other people competing for the same position. In business, the competition is a lot tougher. Everyday, there’s always a new marketing strategy that people use to get new clients and customers, they even spend millions of dollars to develop these marketing strategies. Big businesses spend lots of money to advertise their products on huge billboards on busy streets, on television and magazines just to grab people’s attention. Sometimes they create ads that are so crazy to make sure that people remember their new products.


So what about small businesses that have limited marketing budget? Most of these businesses are focusing their efforts on the online channels, using social media and emails to reach their potential clients and customers. Even though when done correctly this could a cheap and effective method for your image / brand enhancement, but what are the odds that you can create a great, long lasting impression with your tweets or email messages? Tweets only last for a moment on a person’s page then they will be replaced with new tweets, and we all know that most email messages that contain advertisements will end up in a spam box.


Why not use a “classic” way to make a great first impression by giving out business cards? Social media may have the power to reach a lot of people at once, but a business card that people actually can touch and feel will really give a huge effect. However, if you really want to use your business cards to make a great first impression, you can’t use regular business cards, they have to be special and different from other business cards used by your competitors.


In this case, metal business cards will come in very handy. In fact, usually when you hand out those shiny metal VIP cards your prospect clients will initiate the conversation by commenting on your metal cards. This is probably the best way for you to introduce your business in a face-to-face interaction. Just imagine yourself as the person who receives business cards from several people who represent their businesses. When all business cards you receive are made of paper then someone gives you a business card made of a shiny metal with the logo and company information beautifully carved on the card, which one would you remember and which one can impress you the most?


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June 3, 2016
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    Article’s title sounds good, but this is not the only way to improve an image.