At we take confidentiality and private information and preferences very seriously. We respect all privacy laws, there is no exception. We pay attention to what our customers deem private and we honor it amicably at We heretofore advise that you get yourself acquainted with the new procedures and policies we have improved upon to help protect the confidential and personal information meticulous to our customers. The revamped privacy policy is applicable to clients that utilize our electronic devices accessible through personal customers on the Internet globally.

Our privacy policy’s past issues and up to date are available online. Our privacy policy is detailed below and the privacy notice comes in appendage with the attached below privacy notice; it is current as of the date above. The over-haul of our privacy policy can amply serve as a guide and doubles as a business planning tool. We however are not obligated to follow it in all cases or proprieties as one would a standard or contract, and there may be succession changes in conformity with the internal policy-making procedures as time goes on. It is not a contract or standard that we are obligated to follow in all cases or in all manners, and we may change it in accordance with our internal policy-setting procedures, from time-to-time. In the case whereby you might want to keep up with the current version of our privacy policy, simply contact us.

What Type of Your Information Do We Collect?

Here at, all information that we require from you are gotten directly from you. Therefore we are limited to only the amount of information you make available to us. We never ask for other information that is not related to your order or shipment.

We properly recognize new visitors and automatically stimulate them into our system to detect the domain name of your internet service provider and inform us about the pages you visit. All this information gathered by us is used for the improvement and amelioration of our web pages. Please note that we do not in any way store client’s personal information (e-mail, postal addresses, telephone or mobile numbers) except requested by the visitor on the website. It’s the responsibility of visitors or clients to manage their own information in their account.

We only collect your non-public personal data from the following sources: From your applications or other forms such as your name, address, credit card number and expiry date, and billing information if you are or become a customer of

What Your Information is Used For

All or any of our customer non-public personal data we collect is solely used by for specific business purposes like to serve you better and process or manage all your transactions. Hence, the information may be used by us to protect and manage your personal accounts and transactions in order to simply improve or create our products and services to meet your needs or want.

Disclosure of Information to Others

Privacy policy and keeping customers information is a very important and serious business. We do not sell or share a customer’s personal data with third parties. If ever we decide to amend on this policy, we would surely notify all our customers prior to this thereby giving room for anyone to “opt out”. As immunity to this policy, there are times or situations that might warrant us to provide data’s that can identify a customer.

These Situations Include:

In a situation whereby all or a part of our business is being sold out or amalgamated thorough acquisitions.

In a situation whereby we are imposed by law to do so.

We will never share customer’s information through programs or portals that reveals customers information or that allows third parties use your information for product marketing. We are only obliged to use the information you shared with us to make a product or a metal business card. The only information we make public are the ones we have of our customer on a business card, invitation card or passes and we guarantee that your information is safe, because this information is only available to our employees, agents, suppliers and shipping companies.

What Level Of Access Does Our Employee Have to Your Information

We don’t just give out information about our customers to just anyone. At only authorized employees with genuine intentions and those legally authorized by our business are allowed access to customer’s personal data. Every one of our employee is committed to confidentially maintain customer’s information. We implement electronic, physical and procedural safeguards in compliance with federal, state and provincial standards to guard a customer’s personal data, and also implement suitable disciplinary acts to ensure all employees are duly responsible for protecting same information.

Privacy Officer for Customers

It is the sole responsibility of to ensure that our customers’ information is strictly private. For customers, who don’t want to reveal any of their personal information to us or want us not to call, email or mail them should please contact us.

It is imperative you know that even though you selected this offer, we reserve the right of calling you and sending you email to service your active orders, or provide information that accounts for your order. And, by so doing, such mailings may include printed marketing materials.

How We Protect Children’s Privacy Online

While shopping on our website we don’t intentionally use or collect personal data of under aged children (below 13) without getting their parents consent in a verifiable form. In a situation where we receive personal information from such an under aged child, would only utilize that information while contacting the child, needing the parent’s permission, or to notify the parents. is totally not responsible for the data collected or used by a non-affiliated party or manufacturers which may link from our site.

Accurate Information Is Maintained
At we strive to keep complete, up to date and accurate all of the information we collect from our customers. By doing this, we initiate an immediate research when a customer notify us of inaccurate information he/she offered and take any necessary corrections.

Privacy Principles
In order to preserve and protect your personal information, adopts certain privacy standards which is included in our business model and security measures. Such standards include; All information and data we obtain from you is only done in a lawful and fair manner with your approval. only reveals your information to authorized staffs that needs them in the line of duty while working to serve your needs.

For to perfectly complete your order from processing it through manufacturing to shipping the final product through our staffs, suppliers and shipping bodies we only avail them with information such as Name, Address, etc.

Security Policy
In order to protect and secure your personal data, has taken the listed security measures:

128-bit strong Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used to attain the highest security needed to secure all our customers information and transaction over the Internet. SSL protocol affords a secure “end to end” communication and also authenticates our website.

In the situation where you have to leave a session logged on due to an emergency call; uses a security measure that time out your session after a period of inactivity. uses cookies to store information on your computer’s hard drive. This process is very important so as to enable the web application remember or identify if you have ever used the web app to access your account. Please note that such information is only used by So, if you try to override the use of cookies, you will not be able to use our website.

To Improve Security, Please Use the Following Measures:
Ensure you type out all web addresses you intend to visit directly into the address bars. Never access websites meant for online transactions through web links you find on other sites or sources.

Be sure to sign off all active online session so as to be certain no one can perform illegal or unauthorized transactions from your account. You can also clear your web browsers caches and history after logging out.